Dazer II stops barking dogs - safely and quietly.

Does Dazer II really work?

Yes! Dazer II is totally effective in stopping barking dogs, deterring the approach of aggressive dogs, modifying and training dog behaviour and scaring cats. See more about the use of Dazer II under "How it works".

To use the Dazer II Device

  1. Point the DAZER toward the approaching animal
  2. Press the button and activate the DAZER II for 1 to 2 seconds
  3. Repeat as necessary to repel or stop the animal

Point the silver disc at the front of the DAZER towards the animal for best results. The DAZER II output is directional and therefore the effectiveness is reduced when used at an angle. It is often more effective to use 1 or 2 second repeated bursts rather than a constant activation. Although the animal will hear the high frequency sound at 7 meters (20 feet) or more, it is most effective and discomforting at 2 to 5 meters (5 to 15 feet).

Many experts agree that to avoid contact with unwanted dogs, it is best to face the approaching animal, not to turn and run. They also caution not to stare at the animal. The DAZER will help the user to maintain a safe zone and avoid the unwanted animal.

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