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Dazer II stops dogs barking

Dazer II ultrasonic anti barking device 

We often get asked about our anti barking device — if it is effective to stop a dog barking all the time, or a neighbours dog that is displays barking behaviour that is out of control particularly when the neighbour is not home. If you have a problem with a dog that is won't stop barking, Dazer II anti barking device may be a simple solution for you. This device uses ultrasonic sound  — making Dazer II silent to humans and effective on barking dogs.

The DAZER II anti barking device is a small hand held device about the size of a TV remote control. Point the Dazer II at a barking dog, depress the button to activate it for 1-2 seconds and it produces a loud ultra sonic sound that dogs can hear and do not like. A one to two second activation startles and will usually stop a barking dog. 

Will it work for your barking dog situation?

The success of the use of Dazer II anti barking device is dependent on a number of factors -

  • How old is the dog?
  • How far away is the dog?
  • Is this your dog or a neighbours dog?  
  • Is the dog hard of hearing? 
  • Is the owner in control of the dogs behaviour?
  • Does the dog respond to voice commands?

Please be aware that all these factors can impact on the success of using Dazer II on a dog. Some dogs are actually deaf or their hearing is poor. In these cases Dazer II will not work as effectively as intended as you are dealing with a hearing impaired dog. Also be aware that the sound cannot pass through glass, brick or other solid walls or wooden fences. It will however go through a chain link fence or a fence with openings between the slats. See the diagram below that shows how the Dazer II emits the sound in an arc at approximately 35 degrees. Clear visual contact with the dog within 7 meters is best. For solid fences you can point the device over the top of the fence in the direction of the dog.

How Dazer II anti barking device stops a barking dog

Dazer II anti barking device works effectively on dogs up to 7 meters away

The DAZER II helps stop a dog from barking by sending a sharp ultrasonic sound which is above the human hearing range, but dogs (and also cats) clearly hear it. By repeated usage and adding a verbal command (such as "be quiet" ) you may be able to train a dog to stop barking. Point straight at the offending animal, the closer the better - Dazer II dog deterrent has a maximum 7 meter range.

Personal protection

As a personal safety device against aggressive dogs the Dazer 2 ensures that you and your dog are safe from any other hostile dogs that might approach on walks or in the dog park.  Use Dazer II when you are going for bush walks as there is an increase of wild dogs and dingoes that are de-sensitised and will approach humans looking for food and quickly can become aggressive. The alarming high pitched sound from the dog deterrent device has a strong repelling effect on dogs as a signal for the dog making the unwanted approach to turn away and retreat.

Dazer II anti barking device as a training aid

Using the high-pitched signal from the device to train a dog and correct its behaviour can also be reinforced with verbal commands. Stop your dog jumping on furniture or visitors, or correct any other bad habits. At the press of a button, you send an alarming high-pitch noise that is inaudible to humans but has a strong effect on dogs (and cats). The Dazer II anti barking device stops bad habits while being completely and humane.

Dazer ultrasonic anti barking device is irritating to dogs

Does it Work? Read some of our testimonials and this article. It may help you decide if Dazer II is for your own situation.

Dazer II anti barking device - stop barking and aggressive dogs is used by runners, walkers, couriers, postmen and utility and meter readers

This anti bark device can repel approaching dogs on your walk, run or bike ride and stop your dog's unwanted behaviours like jumping on furniture and barking at the door. A simple, small and discreet unit that can fit in your pocket and be helpful in dealing with dog behaviour.

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