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Small device hand held device when manually activated produces an ultrasonic noise (humans cannot hear) and that dogs do not like. An effective, short and silent activation startles and will stop a barking dog.

How Dazer II Dog deterrent can be used

Stephen at Dazer - Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ideal for jogging, walking and cycling. Repel hostile aggressive, barking and unwanted behaviour from dogs.  A quality ultrasonic device with proven reliability which is why we offer a satisfaction money back guarantee.

Outbound teams use Dazer II Dog Deterrent

Relied on by professionals in the field ranging from water and power meter readers to social services in field teams.  Beware of cheap imitations as there is only one Dazer in the market with the high powered large disc that works and protects every time.

Feedback from Jeremy Webo, Solomon Water, Honiara

“I have got some good news from our field boys to tell you. Our boys share some good testimonies that these Dazers work extremely well for them. One meter reader told me there were two dogs running towards him when he just click the batten and the two dogs bowed and turn back fast.”

Ready to use out of the box

The DAZER has a RAYOVAV 9 volt battery already installed (replacement battery needs to be alkaline type) and fits easily in your hand, bag or clipped in your belt.

Self Diagnostics

If the battery level is low, or, if damage to the electronics prevents optimum sound output, the circuitry shuts down and the LED does not illuminate.How it worksDAZER produces ultrasonic sound from a piezoelectric disc producing  115 dB at 0.5 meter reference. The sound pressure level is below the threshold levels of pain for dogs.  Instead, the frequency range is at 25 KHz (+ or -2 KHz). Humans can hear to about 20 Hz to 23 kHz.   Dogs are startled from a focused state to react in a different manner, usually to avoid the strange, distasteful and sudden sound of DAZER. Liken it to hearing a smoke alarm, which is 75dB to 85dB (at 3 meters); house alarm  100dB.

Who is at risk for a dog bite?

The risk of being bitten by a dog when in an unfamiliar home environment is always high but increases if there is more than one dog of if the owners are nervous or aggressive).

The first line of defense

Any dog can bite but only about 8% will actually ever bite or attack anyone yet dog bites account for 90% of all animal bites.  Learn how to recognize an aggressive dog.

  •   stops panting
  •   suddenly looks at you , or away from you
  •   suddenly attentive and rigid.
Stand still

Don't approach, pet, or talk to the animal.  Don't run away as dogs are pursuit predators with a chase reflex,   Remain calm quiet, and stand at a 90-degree angle (sideways) to the dog. You will be able to see the dog with your peripheral vision.

Minimize injury
If you're being bitten and the dog doesn't release, slowly move closer as the worst damage occurs when you try to pull away or the dog shakes its head Dogs have rounded teeth, and it is the pressure exerted by their jaws that can cause significant damage to the tissues under the skin, including bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves.


Or use a DAZER II. A biting dog may also respond to a loud, authoritative "No!"

When there is a dog bite

  • Medical care should be accessed if the dog bite disrupts the skin causing a puncture, laceration, or tear. Also if there is pain at or near the injury site, underlying structures may have been damaged and medical care may be needed. Wounds should be kept elevated and, if possible, immediate washing of the wound with tap water may be attempted.
  • Even if the skin does not seem to be punctured, it is still important to watch for signs of infection (pain, redness, warmth, and swelling),  and if present seek medical assessment ASAP.
  • If life threatening call 000 immediately

Buy Australian

  • Being the Australian Authorised Distributor, 101 iT Pty Ltd. is a 100% Australian located in Brisbane.
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee for any DAZER II purchased from us if you are not totally satisfied.

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