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Small device hand held device when manually activated produces an ultrasonic noise (humans cannot hear) and that dogs do not like. An effective, short and silent activation startles and will stop a barking dog.

Stop fighting cats outside, cats on your property and other cat nuisances!

Stephen at Dazer - Tuesday, June 09, 2015

An unwanted visit from cats can be extremely frustrating and often once they start it keeps going… and going. This post can show you how you can use Dazer II to stop fighting cats outside.

  • You will often know the owner of the cat, so the first port of call is always talk to the cat owner about your issue or concern.
  • If it is a stray or feral, your local council have a curfew on cats,  so might also be worthwhile finding out the local laws for nuisance cats in your state.
  • If the cat nuisance is not resolved by communication with the cat owner you can deter cats with the use of a DAZER II for cat free zone and peace.

Stop fighting cats outside or deter stray nuisance cats

Using the DAZER II you can quickly train even the most persistent cat to stay away from your garden or back yard. The ultrasonic sound scares the cat away and it soon remembers to stay clear of your yard. The sound will not be heard by you or your neighbours as the DAZER II sound in ultrasonic and is above human hearing range as well as being directional operating in the direction you point and press.  Get one step closer to having a cat free zone! You can also train your own cat to stop unwanted behaviour like scratching your furniture or curtains.

The DAZER II is a small hand held device, ready to use straight from box.  It's easy to operate and deters unwanted cat(s) out of your yard. It can be clipped to your belt so when gardening or outdoors, you can simply point and shoot and get back to enjoying your cat free yard.

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