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Dazer II stops dogs barking

You want to buy a stop dog barking device.

The Dazer II is a hand held device ultrasonic device, so you all you need to do is aim and simply press the button and the dog stops barking.  A second zap made be required, so wait a moment and if the barking starts again just press the button for 1 to 2 seconds and this second go normally sorts the barking dog out.

It is not just a stop barking device, it is also a dog deterrent.  Whether you are out walking in suburbia or in a rural location, when approached by an unwanted dog a simple zap from the Dazer II will have the dog retreating from you.  

Beware of dodgy fake devices

Don't forget to pack it the Dazer II when travelling around or outside of Australia.  Many countries have large numbers of unrestrained dogs and the Dazer II is a useful dog deterrent to keep you and your loved ones safe. Dazer II is also a good gift idea for travelling family and friends and would make a great Christmas gift.

  • Dazer II is safe for humans and harmless to dogs.  Dazer II does not harm any dog. The device makes a loud sound. There are no chemicals involved.
  • Protection for you.  Dazer II when activated, the ultrasonic hand held devise sends out a high-pitched sound that’s humans cannot hear, however the sound is heard by dogs (and cats) and is highly irritating. Dazer II will not effectively stop barking and threatening dogs from up to 7 metres from where you activate the device.  Dazer II is small and portable and comes with a handy belt clip.  Take it with you when running, jogging or walking your own dog.
  • Dog Training. Dazer II is a really effective dog training aid for unwanted behaviour in dogs such as jumping on people, general barking, chewing personal items and digging. Use the Dazer to deter undesirable dog behaviour with the Dazer II.

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So whether you buy Dazer II to stop your neighbour's dog barking, control your dog or personal safety we would love to hear back from you.  Please post your stories or Dazer II review on our Facebook page or even better, please LIKE and share our Facebook page.  We also have a Google Business page, where you can leave your product review.  Many people tell us they have been looking for years for a suitable dog deterrent or device to stop dogs barking.  We are a small operation with limited advertising so the majority of people who buy Dazer II are via word of mouth of find us searching Google. Read more from others in our testimonials.

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Your new Dazer II will leave Brisbane, Queensland normally the same day of your order placement.  We use Australia Parcel Post with tracking.  Please be aware, we have noticed that Australia Post have increased their delivery times of their standard parcel post service on previous years and receipt of your order can potentially up to 10 working days depending on your location. If you require a faster delivery service, please use the Express Post option as you check out — for most of Australian deliveries means you get your order the next day.

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