How to stop dogs barking

Dazer II stops dogs barking

We have received thousands of emails and phone calls asking about Dazer II to and how to stop dogs barking. This is a very wide and varied subject - one that depends on many factors.

  • How old is the dog?
  • How far away is the dog?
  • Is this your dog or a neighbours dog?  
  • Is the dog hard of hearing? 
  • Is the owner in control of the dogs behaviour?
  • Does the dog respond to voice commands?

Many people come to our website looking at the Dazer II ultrasonic barking device wondering if this will work for their particular barking dog situation.The truth is we simply can't advise you on whether the device will work or not. We are not dog trainers, vets or any other type of dog specialist. We are are a real company based in Australia and are also the Authorised Australian Distributor for Dazer II and became distributors after purchasing a Dazer unit,  being in the circumstance of having a barking dog next door!  So, we simply offer the device to you, online for your purchase.You can however, read the testimonials from many people who have responded to us with their feedback

Why do people purchase a device to stop dogs barking?

Usually people are at their wits end with a dog that's barking out of control and they're looking around online at their options.There are many types of devices on the market that sit in the category of these types of devices from collars, to larger permanent mounted units. They also range greatly in price!  So be sure to know what the device capabilities are before spending your hard earned dollars.  

From talking to our customers over time we've learned that the majority of people are not trying to stop their own dog from barking but usually it's the neighbours dog, often the dog is alone in a neighbouring yard and barking at almost anything at all hours of the day and night.  

Dazer II Ultrasonic Device

Dazer II has many uses. Personal & Professional.

Useful for walkers, runners, cyclists, delivery and utility workers against barking and aggressive dogs.

Dazer II is great for personal use, but is also relied on by professionals in the field ranging from water and power meter readers to social services in field teams. Dazer II will startle aggressive and barking dogs. Beware of cheap imitations as there is only one Dazer II in the market. 

Deter dogs up to 7 meters from where you activate the ultrasonic device. Dazer II is a useful tool for barking dog problems.

How is Dazer II delivered? How long before my unit arrives?

Choose a shipping option for your delivery - FREE or Express with Australia Post. Please be aware that delivery times are determined by Australia Post and will depend on your delivery location. A tracking number is provided to you so you can track your delivery. Once your item is dispatched, you will be re-issued with your invoice which contains a tracking number at the base of the invoice. Can't find your re-issued invoice?  Please check your spam folder for any emails from us. Go to the Australia Post website to track your delivery. Orders are processed within 24 hours or receipt of your order and payment and are posted Monday - Friday.

Express Post orders must be received before 12pm (AEST, Brisbane), for same day dispatch. Express Post does not guarantee "next day" delivery to all regions. Please be aware this is dependent on the service provided by Australia post. See more on the Australia Post website for delivery regions. 

Dazer II has varied results most of which depend on the dog, the dogs learned behaviour, the age of the dog and the dogs hearing. We do offer a 14 day return, money back guarantee for those customers who are not achieving results with the Dazer II as they'd hoped.  Simply follow the instructions to return the unit via post, in good condition, with the battery, original display box, instructions and a copy of your invoice.