About Us - 101 iT Pty Ltd

Dazer II stops dogs barking

We're an Australian company

As a 100% Australian owned company, 101 iT operates out of Brisbane, Queensland and we are here to help you and to ensure you, the customer, gets the right product at the right price to suit your requirements. That's why we've always had our 101 iT mission statement  as – "Right Product | Right Price".

Getting involved with the USA manufactured Dazer II dog deterrent to train and aid in the control of dog barking in 2008, saw a change in focus and 101 iT becoming the Australian Distributor for Dazer II in 2009.

Since bringing Dazer into Australia, we have sold many thousands of Dazer ultrasonic dog deterrent devices to all types of users ranging from government agencies to neighbours with barking dog noise issues.

We have in depth knowledge of our product and are always available for you to contact us for any assistance or related questions.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations, we love happy customers, so please contact us if you are not satisfied with your purchase or use our online facility to return the goods.

To keep costs down all orders are placed for Dazer II Ultrasonic dog deterrent, via the web and supplied by 101 iT Pty Ltd.