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Dazer II stops dogs barking

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Having purchased a Dazer Dog Deterrent we are thrilled with this unit. When our dog barks we say "NO", and then use the Dazer. We soon noticed that the "No" was a sufficient deterrent, we can now control our dog's barking. If you want control, buy one — they are brilliant!

R Hirst, Brisbane, Australia, March 2017

....thank you for Dazer. It works brilliantly, the dogs are hardly making a sound and I think the owners are wondering why. I'd recommend a Dazer to anyone as council didn't help out at all and it's been just on 2 years and 3 months.

Pete R, January 2017

I purchased a Dazer II ages ago after a dog attack. Since then, I've hardly used the unit, as we don't own a dog - and I've always been doubtful that it actually works. During the week a colleague at work was talking about his dog's annoying habits and I suggested the Dazer II. I lent him mine and he hasn't stopped raving about the change in his dog's (and cat's) behaviour. He said "I actually like my dog again!" His Dazer II arrived in the post yesterday, and through his experience, I know of at least one other colleague who has purchased one. I'm now lending my Dazer II to a another colleague to trial before he buys one, with more people lining up to borrow it to test-drive next. Well done on making a product that lives up to it's hype.

Ian, January 2017

I thought I would trial the Dazer 2 before I responded and we are totally thrilled with the results. It has modified our terrier's barking behaviors’ so that we just have to point the Dazer 2 at her and she stops!!! It is a no hassle product which does what is claimed without adversely affecting the dog.  I tell other people about it because it is such a good management tool.
Many thanks,

Lei de Joux-Willdig, Gardinaire Kennels

It is with huge relief that I advise you that your product has been a success. I had noisy neighbours dogs x 3 driving me nuts. With diplomacy failing and noise control not working I was desperate for a solution. The Dazer use has 'retrained' the problem dogs with the ignorant uncooperative owners none the wiser. For the first time in years (yes, years) I have peace and quiet at my own house resolved in just a few days. Just Magic!

Andrew C.

Just got my Dazer and carried it with me today while my husband and I walked our small dog. There is a large dog that usually lunges at its gate and barks aggressively at us when we walk by on the other side of the street. I used the Dazer today and was AMAZED. It stopped immediately and just about had its tail between its legs as it walked away into the back section of its territory. WOW...a weapon of no-destruction! I do feel much safer now that I have the Dazer on my belt.

Thanks Carolyn

I am a dog owner and dog lover, and just ordered my 5th one-- I keep giving them to friends who are amazed when they see how well dogs respond. I always keep one with me, for a purpose I don't see in your other testimonials -- stopping dog fights. My dog can be aggressive at times, and I don't want to see her injure a smaller dog, or get injured by a larger one. As soon as the hackles go up, my finger is on the button. One quick push distracts the dogs, the aggression stops, and we move along. Thanks for a GREAT product, reliably built and reasonably priced.


The Dazer has worked so well that I consider it a phenomenal product. My home office looks out onto the neighbours back yard where two large barking dogs have taken up residence, it was hard to concentrate on anything all day long when their owner was gone and the dogs barked at anything including me when I went out into my yard or onto my patio to use the barbecue.

The first time I tried the Dazer it worked, two-one second bursts, from inside my house pointed thru an open window at a distance of forty to fifty feet stopped the barking.

After only one week of training the barking has been reduced by 98 %,WOW! I keep the Dazer close to me all of the time to preserve my sanity.  

Ron K.

Just to let you know that I am thrilled with the Dazer I bought from you last week, I was one of those skeptical people that took a few weeks to decide to purchase the Dazer, but it has been just amazing to see astounding results in just two days, I have had a very 'vocal' dog for the past five years,  who barked at anything that moved, and have tried every thing there was to try, apart from getting the professionals in at a very high price!!

I would highly recommend the Dazer to anyone out there who has any dog issues, it sure gives me peace of mind when out walking. My dog was attacked last year by a large dog, and now I can finally relax on our daily walks, with my Dazer clipped onto my clothing.



The Dazer 2 is amazing!!! Even though both the US manufacturer and you said it shouldn't affect horses, I had to make sure.  So the other day, I used the Dazer 2 around my horse for about 10 mins and he wasn't concerned about it..actually, he gave no response so I don't think he actually heard anything which makes sense as it is directional.  Then i used it around 2 other horses just to make sure they wouldn't get affected by it and neither responded either. So after doing the horse check, I tried on these noisy 6 bullterriers who live next door.  When I was gardening near the fence between our houses, all 6 started barking.  I ran and got the dazer 2, and when they started barking again, I pointed it through a little gap through the fence and pressed the button.  The affect was unbelievable.  All 6 ran away immediately..no crying or whimpering, they just bolted. So I got the ladder and climbed it so I could see them over the fence again.  They started looking at me and slowly approached the fence again.  They were still about 5m away when I pointed it and pressed it again.  Unbelievable...they bolted again.  My other neighbour has 2 noisy labs.  So when they started barking, I used it on them and same reaction.

Yesterday I was riding solo and there was a big Mastiff type dog roaming (ownerless).  He started coming towards my horse and I and barking.  He was about 10m away.  I pointed and used the dazer 2...off he ran.  It is amazing.  

I will be sure to let others know about it and your store. I think all horse riders who go out in the suburbs should have one.  


Feedback from Dazer buyers

Instantly stopped neighbours barking dog . Prompt delivery. 

Awesome!! Arrived within 2 days. Works as promised. Thanks!

Fast Delivery, Exactly As Described Thankyou!! 

Great product, fast delivery

Really effective at making our neighbour's noisy dogs keep quiet. 

All-round perfect. Thank you.


works very well - thanx 

Prompt delivery and so far, it seems to work!  

Great product. Great service

item is excellent and very quick postage

Works great , finally I can walk my dog and fend off stray dogs Thanks heaps 

A+++ seller, fast postage. Dazer works amazingly. Strongly recommended. 

Awesome. Got what I paid for, and got it quickly! No postage was an extra bonus!

Item as described and fast delivery. PERFECT Thankyou +++ 

Item was delivered promptly and works as described. Thanks! 

Brilliant! Stopped dog in its tracks. Fast & friendly service. Thanks heaps.

Quickly sent 2nd unit after address mix-up. Dazer works on 2yo Dachshund too!

Awesome product works a charm thankyou so much will shop again A+++

Works a treat.

Great communication, well packaged prompt delivery and it really does work!

Really does work, recommend this itemAAAAAAA+++++

I LOVE this product! Sent to me quickly! A+++ seller 0

Wow this is a great product, really does what it promises, fast postage, thanks

AAA1 product, works on my dogs a treat. HAPPY : ) THANKS

very good works on 2 of my 3 dogs barking has slowed

the device works okay , even deterred a cat which took off .

Extremely fast postage, and a great product.Highly recommended.

Works well. Keeps the dog next door quiet & my dogs in line when they play up.


Fantastic, next day delivery. Works well so far.

Such quick service. I purchased on Sunday & received it Tuesday! Great, thanks.

Great Buy

Works perfectly. Thankyou. NO MORE BARKING DOGS!!

The product is great and works well. Thank you

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